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Wretched Things: Press Trailer
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Wretched Things

A first-time model, a webcam sex worker, and a power-hungry homophobe journey through their insecurities and vulnerabilities. This hedonistic and seductive short film challenges toxic hyper-masculinity and the abuse of power through three vignettes.

Chapter I

Ben is a young, inexperienced model who receives the opportunity of a lifetime: a front cover on one of the largest magazines in the world. However, his insecurities and vulnerabilities soon lead him into the arms of an exploitative photographer.

Chapter II

After months of isolation and financial pressures, a young man plunges into a world of online sex-work, and soon finds a new sense of confidence in his image and exploration of his sexuality. Yet, in a world of technology, can he keep safe what matters?

Chapter III

Set in 90s England, Louis, a disturbed man preys on those around him to numb his addictive craving of interaction. With the backdrop of the AIDs crisis, Louis turns his aggression towards gay men, while channeling his own sexual frustrations.


“Involving and Profound”

– Rich Cline,

Shadows on the Wall

4 Star black.png
“Powerful and Pointed”

– Gay Essential

“An Unwavering Vision”

– Matthew Owen,

Occhi Magazine

4 Star black.png
“Hedonistic and Seductive”

– Tim Baros,

The Gay UK

4 Star black.png
“Expertly Directed”

– UK Film Review

“Truly Arresting Cinema”

– Cameo Launch

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