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The Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) have awarded Oxygen funding to host a placement, supporting individuals based in Yorkshire and the Humber who have been systemically excluded from getting into or developing their career in the screen industries. 

the headlines:

six month placement | flexible working | £13.50 an hour | 37hrs a week (we're open to part-time job share)

About the Role:

We're offering an exciting 6 month placement at non-profit, multi award-winning studio Oxygen Films. We're looking for someone to work on Oxygen's flagship project, in production in August 2022 - engaged and involved in the groundbreaking virtual production elements from pre to post production. We want to encourage exploration, new skill development, research and independent projects within the role "Creative Producer".

Our Creative Producer will work with the Production team of Oxygen Films (
Michael Houghton, Head of Production; Eleanor Hodson, Head of Intimacy; Lily Corke Butters, Head of Progression and Development), as well as freelance creatives (Matt Bates, Cinematographer; Rose McLaughlin, Art Director).

The role is
based in Leeds, though we offer flexible working and are happy for the individual to work mostly remotely if that is better for them. We do have a quiet, private office space which has WiFi and facilities which we can also offer the individual if they would work better in a creative environment away from home. There may be some travel required for when filming takes place as part of the project. We believe all filming should take place in the Leeds City Region, and if it is outside of that we will reimburse travel expenses for those shoot days. Candidates must have a base in the Yorkshire and Humber regions.

Unsociable hours are not encouraged at Oxygen. We have worked hard to create an environment where our team understand their roles, what their work is, and that they are trusted to manage their hours how they see fit. We want our team to have space to breathe, to be creative, and to forge good work/life balances. We will always be up front about when work is needed and give months of notice should we plan a shoot to take place outside of what is considered 'regular' hours.










The project that the individual will work on is titled "Electric Love", a sci-fi thriller with strong LGBTQ* themes. A bold multi-arts project involving film, art and technology exploring the lack of intimacy and connection (physical and emotional) in a technology-induced cyberpunk society.

The film will offer young and emerging, systematically underrepresented and disadvantaged artists to work with Oxygen in a creative and compassionate environment. The 'Creative Producer' role will provide a distinct selection of arts opportunities to produce, create and deliver a visual output in their authentic voice.
Opportunities will include production design, set building, VFX / Virtual Production workflow, marketing, distribution, and other ad-hoc duties and tasks which will inevitably arise during pre-production.











The individual will have autonomy and freedom to manage their own projects within the wider production. They will have plenty of support in the Oxygen team to share tasks, receive training, get support, and have weekly 1-to-1's with an Oxygen team member to check in on how things are going and if they have any issues or difficulties.

Since we were founded, we have engaged with 542 under-served young artists from the North. We involve creators aged 16-25 to lead teams, own responsibility within various departments, and be genuine decision-makers. We are at the forefront of better representations of sex, sexuality and intimacy on screen, and are proud to be the zeitgeist for safer and more progressive productions where everyone's wellbeing is prioritised. Together we’ve built a shared vision, aspiration and foundation for our organisation.

Required Skills, Experience and Abilities:

  • A proactive nature

  • A passion for telling bold, provocative and visionary stories

  • A genuine love of film

  • A passion and commitment to forging a better, more representative screen industry

  • A working knowledge of G-Suite products (things like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drive)


[The above are specifically required as we know how tough the industry can be. We want to work with others who love film, and telling stories as much as we do. We are committed as an organisation to improve representation and access to the industry, and we want whoever we work with to bring the same dynamic. We work on the G-Suite, so a basic knowledge of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drive will ensure the individual can get stuck in pretty much straight away.]


Desirable Skills, Experience and Abilities:

  • An interest, or previous experience in VFX or Virtual Production workflows (things like Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity etc.)

  • A full driver's license (though, we FULLY appreciate that this is a systemic barrier and now more than ever an economic hurdle) – we won't count this towards or against your application.

Wage Details:

Money is important, and we are always super transparent. The rate is £13.50 an hour, and the role is full-time (37 hours a week), however we are open to a job-share if part-time working is more your thing.


As mentioned above, we're pretty flexible when it comes to how and when you work - but so that you have an idea of a framework, 37hrs a week would be the equivalent of 7.4hrs a day for 5 days a week.


The total full-time salary for the full six months placement is £11,988.00. The position is a fixed six month freelance contract which means you are responsible for declaring this as self-employed income during your self-assessment tax return. 

How to Apply:

There's a few ways you can apply to this position. We want you to feel confident and put the best foot forward. Here's how to do it:


1) Fill in the application form linked below, and submit it securely using the 'submit' button. All the questions we ask are on one page, so feel free to have a look at them all before starting to answer.


2) Answer the questions in the application form by video rather than text. To securely upload it, enter your video into Q7 of the form, and just put "see video" in the text box for the questions.


3) You can also do a voice application. Answer the same questions from the application form via voice recording rather than text. To securely upload, enter your recording into Q7 of the form, and just put "see voice recording" in the text box for the questions.


If you feel like we're missing a way you'd prefer to apply, or if we can make any accommodations for you to get your application to us, please do let us know.



Oxygen Films CIC

Unit 2c, Kirkstall Road

Leeds, LS3 1JL


call: 0113 837 0032 

We're currently unable to allow physical access to the studios, but please do reach out - and we love receiving mail!

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