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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the brand new Oxygen message boards! We're really thrilled to be working on some new ways to engage our brilliant community over the next couple of months, and this is just one of them. Part of my work with Oxygen is to write and direct, which over the course of the pandemic has been skewed more towards the creation of new stories, writings and breathing life into new characters.

However, another part of my role is as the Managing Director of Oxygen, and over the last 12 months part of my focus has been on steering Oxygen into a new, stronger and visionary direction. I'm so proud of what we do, and what we've achieved, and it's time we started being a little bit louder about our incredible filmography. That's why, on the site you'll now find an updated filmography with links and access to our most recent works. It's a long process, so there might be some work we've made in our past five years that hasn't quite reached the site, but do keep checking.

TOG (2020), starring Jack Parr and Santo Tripodi, is available in our 'Filmography' tab now.

Another update is that we are dead excited to welcome three brand new members of the Oxygen family, thanks to SIGN (Screen Industries Growth Network) funding, which has allowed us to host a placement to those typically excluded from the industry. We'll be properly introducing them in the coming weeks, but it gives me great pleasure to welcome Lily Corke Butters as our Production Manager, with Jackson Castillo-Evans and Alexander Bamford joining as Production Coordinators.

So, with this being the first post in this currently quiet forum, I'm keen to know what people would like to see from these pages, with authored blog posts from all of our team, including cast and crew. Let us know in the comments below what you'd like to see!

Some ideas that I would love to look more into are:

  • a film club (maybe a monthly title or platform of an indie film we think deserves to be seen).

  • written interviews (with cast, crew and a host of guests and friends of Oxygen).

  • a book club (who doesn't love a good book? Especially ones which have inspired films).

  • updates as we continue production on A Series of Light, and our other projects in the works.

What else would you like to see from all of our brilliant team, and myself? Please let us know!

all my love, as always,


FIRELIGHT (2021) stars Nathaniel Farah and James Coutsavlis as two star-crossed lovers, coming soon to Oxygen.

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