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A Gasp of Oxygen

What is Oxygen?

Welcome to our new blog I like to call, ‘A Gasp of Oxygen.’ If you've never heard of oxygen it's an extremely essential chemical element most life forms on the planet Earth use to breathe... oh and it's also a production company that has an Amazon Prime exclusive series called A Series of Light. The first series gained over 5,000,000 views in its first 6 months of release. Which to put into perspective is a 55.5 full Wembley Stadiums (Sorry I’ve been watching the Euro a lot recently).

Stay up to date

Within these monthly blog entries we will be keeping you up to date with what’s been going on during our preparation for the filming of our second series of our Amazon Prime exclusive series A Series of Light. The current episode we are working on is titled, Lowlight. The episodes is a social commentary on digital safety and goes down the rabbit hole of catfishing. As the series is an anthology series this episode follows on from Whitelight and we get to see the return of Arron from the last episode but what has he got himself involved in now?


We are again joined by our amazing crew that are completely based within Yorkshire. This is a very important factor as all of our filming takes place within Leeds. The crew is filled with super talented members that I feel very privileged to have worked alongside. I have learned a lot from them all and I love seeing everyone’s unique signature within their work coming out on set. Rose McLaughlin and Eleanor Hodson really help to bring the set to life with their cinematography and lighting. This really helps to set the scene and make the atmosphere fit the tone of the scene within the script. I have worked closely with Devon George who is the Senior Sound Engineer on set and learned so much about the best way to capture sound on a scene. As I have recently been an Assistant Director on the first episode of series 2 of A Series of Light, I got to work closely with Michael Houghton and Harley Mathews and see their awesome skills of time management, organisation and communicating clearly with the cast. That’s only a few members within the crew, if I was to talk about how awesome everyone is it would probably be like writing my 10,000 words dissertation again.

Latest News

So far we have managed to compile the schedule together so we now know the confirmed dates of when we are filming, as well as which locations we will be filming at. We will be filming for three days in Leeds from the 25th July – 27th July. We have also got all of the actors cast too, which is really exciting as everything is slotting into place. We also got the updated figures for the past 12 months for A Series of Light season 1 and it has been seen by 8,400,000 households. That makes up the entire population of Iceland 23.5 times. (I’m totally not bitter at all about Iceland knocking England out of the Euro in 2016.)

A lot of back story and research has gone into this episode and a lot of ideas and creativity has gone into making this digital project come to life. This has been done with original logos and website designs to really make the world feel more immersive to those who are watching it. It is really important to make the world and characters feel realistic so then the audience can feel more empathy towards the characters and situations they are involved in. We are all really excited to be back on set and ready to film Lowlight.

Stay Up to Date

So make sure you stay up to date with these monthly blogs so you can get all the updates on our production and filming news. I will be doing some Q and A’s with some members of the crew too, so make sure you stay up to date with the blog so you don’t miss that!

This has been Alex Bamford signing off without a pen.

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