A two-month snapshot of Anna Carter, a 16 year-old A Level student who suffers with crippling anxiety and depression.

Beneath the Shadows

Tells of the inner conflict Daniel faces when coming to terms with his sexuality, exploring his acceptance and love through a stylised, surreal continuous movement; battling his denial and faith.


After months of isolation and financial pressures, a young body-conscious man plunges into a world of online sex-work.

Wretched Things: Chapter Two

TWWLI STILL_1.84.1.jpg

 Joey, a 22 year old student swept up in a new city, begins to fall into an addiction of drugs to repress his inner demons.

This World We Live In

Ch1 Header2.jpg

A model lands a front cover on one of the largest magazines in the world. His insecurities and vulnerabilities soon lead him into the arms of an exploitative photographer.

Wretched Things: Chapter One

ADAM - WT3 - Sc30.jpg

Set in 90s England, Louis, a disturbed man preys on those around him to numb his addictive craving of interaction.

Wretched Things: Chapter Three







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