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"Zero, a young sex worker constantly augmented to fulfil his clients' desires, must face his inner demons as he comes to terms with only ever being wanted for being someone else."

Written and Directed by Gage Oxley and Michael Houghton, Electric Love is a neon-drenched dystopian story of queer love, sex and how technology can forge and destroy intimacy. A team of creatives built the world of 'Bloodchild', which stands as the most groundbreaking and provocative project in Oxygen's history. 

Written and Directed by Michael Houghton and Gage Oxley


Produced by Jessica Redhead, Lily Corke Butters, Michael Houghton, Eleanor Hodson and Gage Oxley for Oxygen Films


Cinematography by Matthew Bates

Starring Nathaniel Farah as Zero

and Chrissie Wunna as Andréa

with Sean Rhys-James and Niall Kiely

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