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Oxygen Films are a non-profit, community-interest, volunteer-led film production company based in Leeds, UK. We create compelling and powerful fiction film on a host of topics: masculinity, abuse of power, sexuality, sex and mental health.

Our previous films have earned awards and critical acclaim across the world - however, we do not make any profit from the work we do, but most importantly: we do not receive any money from investors, financiers or funders. The reason is because most of the time, receiving money allows those people to dictate the direction of the film, cut things out that we want to keep and remove storylines that we find important because they may be sensitive, challenging or explicit.

We love the things we make, and we want to keep making things that are challenging, disruptive and powerful. The reason why we create this content is for you: our audience. By supporting us each month, you become a champion of the underrepresented, and allow us to continue creating what you want to see in future productions.

You can donate to Oxygen safely by using PayPal Donate. You set the amount you are comfortable donating to us. Every penny is accounted for and goes towards our future work and productions. This means your support helps fund: cast and crew expenses like travel to set and accommodation, props and equipment, locations and loads more. We will send you personal updates of where exactly your money went so you can see it being put to good use.

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