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Written and Directed by Lily Corke Butters, 'It's Fine' explores the normalisation of how young women are mistreated during early sexual experiences through an intimate lens that challenges the misrepresentation of female sexuality on screen, tackling the male gaze. The key aim of the film is to highlight harmful sexual experiences that are a common occurrence for so many young women.

Oxygen's work with intimacy on screen: As this film tackles sexuality and intimacy as a core theme, we know it's really important to highlight our extensive work with consent-based practice and intimacy in the arts. While this film in its very nature is an exploration of sex and sexuality, with scenes of intimacy portrayed in a myriad of ways, the themes are handled sensitively, with the wellbeing of all creators at the forefront of production. We are proud to be changing the way sex is seen on screen, but especially the way sex and intimacy is shot. We have dedicated programs and teams who are paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive environment which creates a brave and safe space for all cast and crew. We are committed to promoting practices which are inclusive, anti-racist, anti-bias and counter-traumatic. You can find more on how we explore intimacy on screen, including some of our practices, on our site here.

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