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An anthology series which explores the darkest sides of humanity, through technology, connection, intimacy and heartbreak.

101: Greenlight

Former child star turned heartthrob Sam desires a change in image, but is in for a dark surprise when his webcam is hacked.

102: Redlight

Seventeen-year-old escort Callum books an afternoon meet-up with business-man Jimmy, but things don't go according to plan and leaves Callum with more than he bargained for.

103: Whitelight

Nineteen-year-old student Arron finds himself falling for the straight Adonis, Mitchell. When it becomes clear Mitchell isn't interested, Arron decides to use a new technology to get what he wants.

104: Starlight

Student Kane falls for his roommate Jacob, a straight rogue. Traversing their sexuality against 90s Liverpool; the boys journey lust, shame and heart-ache.

105: Blacklight

Feeling relentlessly pushed down by his involuntary celibacy, 20-year-old Adam stews alone as his explicit fantasies become more deranged.

106: Limelight

An aspiring actor goes to extreme lengths in the audition room to get the role he's desperate for.

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