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A  to Z

A to Z

"Edin, a young teacher, is diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease. His doctor advises him to start recording video diaries as a form of therapy to help remind him how to cook, clean and care for himself. The film is comprised entirely of these video diaries as we see his slow decline and the strain that Alzheimer's has on his life and relationships, especially with his lifelong best friend, Sam. "

From writer Andy Yeomans and directed by Michael Houghton and Andy Yeomans, A to Z is a heart-wrenching feature-length film produced with care and support from multiple health professionals to ensure accurate representation of this incredibly important issue.

Directed by Michael Houghton and Andy Yeomans

Written by Andy Yeomans

Produced by Gage Oxley, Andy Yeomans and Michael Houghton for Oxygen Films

Cinematography by Max Roach

Starring Tom Rainn as Edin

and Elliot Bird as Sam

with Nicole Houghton, Louisa Maude and Guppy Singh

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